How i got here?

I began creating videos on YouTube in middle school during my 8th grade year as a 14 year old, playing a mobile game called “Modern Combat 3”. At the time, earning money or turning this into a full time career was not even in the scope of my mind. I made videos because it was fun and I loved to share my experiences and stories online while building an audience of people who had similar interests. A few years down the line, I began to distance myself from YouTube to focus on school as high school had become my top priority. Due to my hiatus, I had lost all activity on that current YouTube channel at the time so I decided to create a brand new channel. At that moment, RageElixir was born.

From 2012 to 2018, it has been quite a journey. Going from recording myself playing video games and creating goofy skits to potentially becoming a full-time career choice. To make my parents, happy I am currently finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science & Systems at The University of Washington. After graduating from University in Summer of 2019, I plan to pursue YouTube full-time residing in Seattle, WA!

what motivates me?

Many people have a stigma to think that earning money is the end-all be-all goal of becoming an online influencer, but I’d like to think that I’m different. Although it is quite an amazing incentive to be paid doing what I enjoy the most, the thing that excites me the most about being an YouTuber is the ability to make people around the world happy with my uplifting & positive content. My favorite thing to do is meet my supporters in public and hearing about their favorite videos I have made.

who am i?

A 22 Year Old Entrepreneur Based in Seattle, Washington. My Name is Gary & I have a passion for playing video games and entertaining an audience of all ages over the internet! To simply put it, I am a YouTuber and someone who just loves to make people smile with my goofy persona!